Niche 1, Month 3 – June – Project 24 Blogging Journey

Site: The Radiologic Technologist

June Action Plan

Complete Steps 41-60

  • Step 41: Record a how-to video
  • Step 42: Make a contrary opinion video
  • Step 43: Make another video
  • Step 44: Watch video: how to create a Pillar Post, write 1st PP
  • Step 45-53: Write 9 Pillar Posts for a total of 10
  • Step 54: Promote on Pinterest
  • Step 55: Record a Staple Video
  • Step 56: Record a PP video
  • Step 57: Record another Pillar video
  • Step 58: Make a video for Recommended Gear pages
  • Step 59: Record 10th video
  • Step 60: Set up Amazon Associates

Now, I clearly jumped the gun on Amazon Associates. But I already had one from my previous hobby blog. I have set up a niche page on Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. I added the social share buttons on my niche site hoping folks will share my content.

I even tried to jump the gun to join Ezoic and dump Adsense. I signed up and they contacted me. They liked my stats but you have to be at least four months established AND have 10,000 pageviews each month. I’m not even half that old yet.


Hiring Someone Else to Write Your Content

I have subbed out a few articles to and have had mixed results. The $66 Premium service for 4000 words is stellar but too expensive. The $33 Premium service for 2000 words sucked. I have paid for two of each. That is who Income School recommended if you are going to pay someone else for content. The only good part is that you can send the article back for a rewrite up to three times or ask for a different writer all together if the article is bad enough. I did both on the lower tier. Both upper tiers got praise from professionals in the career field when I posted those articles on my blog.

I have three Pillar Posts left to write. Those are 4000 words or more. There are YouTube videos from Income School if you have questions about that part. I need to do 9 more YT videos. Then, according to Income School, I can stop if I want. That would conclude the makings of a niche site. Let it ride for six months and the organic traffic should start to build at that point and income should start to be realized.


Having Contests to Build a Newsletter Subscriber Base


I kicked off a pre-Go Live contest today to both drum up more traffic AND build an email marketing list. That is not part of the Project 24 outline but I know the value of a good email list so I’m giving it a shot. I decided on a handful of prizes that wouldn’t break the bank and created a contest mid to late May. I basically ran a 30 day contest offering rewards to random winners who signed up for my newsletter.

I signed up with for $49/mo, I know, more expense. It did seem a bit pricey but I was excited about my blog. For that price, they have a very extensive list of options. I chose to give points for different actions:

  • one point just for signing up for the newsletter
  • one point for each friend that they referred to my newsletter

Gleam took care of verifying all the signup email addresses to check for fraud. They also had a very nice GUI that was appealing on my blog. I proceeded to advertise my “Go Live Contest” to “Win Great Prizes” on Facebook groups, SubReddits, Pinterest, Instagram and even LinkedIn.

I had read the advice of Tim Ferriss, an online mentor of mine, and was ready for an AVALANCHE of subscribers! (Did it work? Keep reading.)

Wish me luck! I’ll post back early July and let you know how June turned out. Oh, I did start to see organic traffic from Google yesterday. Fingers crossed!

June Total pageviews


I’m attempting to get my monthly pageviews to 10,000/mo. That will allow to get off of Adsense and over to Ezoic. Income should take a big boost from that.

I made $30 in Adsense in June.

The part I’m stuck on is creating three digital “e-products” needed to stick to the Income School program.


adsense stats june

The image says “2nd month.” By that I meant the second month that the content had been “live.” Technically it was the 3rd month because I started in April. Thinking back though, I started mid-April so the whole thing is kind of screwy to follow. But you get the idea.