“It’s a solid plan you got there.
Will be following.
Do you plan to rely only on quality content to rank? is your niche competitive?
You need at least some backlinks imo.” – Friend

This method is all about “quality content.” They don’t believe in building links etc. But I will be linking some.
My niche is competitive but only against the organizations that either provide the licensure for the career field or the organizations that are the “societies” for the career field. There are not a lot of sites doing content on “What is a Radiographer”, “How do I become a Radiographer”, “How much do Radiographers get paid” etc. (note: I was WAY wrong on this notion) This niche model should work for any field. I’ll be trying a different career niche after this one to verify. – Me

I’m going to try and upload some pics of my stats now.

What you’ll see is data from StatCounter which I’ve used since 2007. I started tracking my niche around the 3rd week of April but then messed up the code somehow and lost the tracker. I wasn’t concerned as I didn’t expect any traffic yet.

So the first blip you see around April 23rd is actually me being tracked because I hadn’t chosen to hide my own footsteps yet. May 3rd is when I fixed the tracker but it was still tracking my hits. I hid my own digital tracks and the real traffic started around May 8th or so.

By that time I had written the 10 Response Posts and started on the next set of ten posts called Staple Posts. Staples are 2500 words, a 1000 word increase over the Response Posts. One of the Staples went quasi-viral, so to speak, and got shared around Facebook around May 16th. I ended up with 1600 pageviews and about 1300 unique visits. Needless to say, I was stoked. (yeah, I said stoked. So what. I’m old.)

Apr 23- May 18 2019 anonymized


Little did I know that this popular post was going to hook me on checking statistics daily. Addicted is more like it. I began checking my website stats almost hourly. There is definitely a thrill to seeing your stats jump through the roof. (I never again saw a spike like this through the end of July.)