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We are the Joneses, Ron and lisa. We’ve been married 21 years and both work in the field of radiology. As we raise our six beautiful daughters, we are working together to create helpful websites outside of our 9-5 jobs so that we can replace that income with a work-from-home family business. 

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of changes on the internet. Blogging started out as a means to capture and share family stories and personal interests. As the internet has evolved, it became clear that blogging not only serves as a creative writing outlet but can also generate a decent income.

So Lisa and I have begun to build websites around the Income School Project 24 methodology. After many hours studying the technique and learning the philosophy behind it, we started out on our own quest to replace our “real world” incomes with a sustaining income online. 

Join us as we share step-by-step what we are learning and creating and let’s see if maybe we can help you do the same thing. 

Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones

Mother of six daughters, wife and licensed radiographer. Adding content writing to the constant juggling of a super busy family calendar. Proof that no matter how busy you are, somewhere you can carve out time to write engaging content. 

Ron Jones

Ron Jones

Dad, hubby and radiology administrator. Enjoying the challenge of taking on a home business while staying active in the radiology field full-time. Utilizing travel time to capture content ideas has become a useful tool as we build our network of sites.


We’re going all-in and building a new niche blog every 90 days. We use Income School’s Project 24 methodology and we’re bringing you along with us step-by-step. 








Go Live Celebration

Join us in celebration every time we take a new website live! Each site will have a Go Live contest and prizes to give away. It will be hosted Live on our YouTube channel. 

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There are so many different avenues that blogging can take you down, it might be hard for you to keep up. We utilize every social media platform out there in an effort to share our content so check here often to see where we might be posting the latest tips and tricks. 

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The following are the resources we personally use in our blog journey creations. We support them 100% just like they support us. Feel confident if you choose to use their services…we do!

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Between videos, podcasts, and making custom images… we’ll be posting our journey blogger style right here. Schedule a few minutes, grab a drink and enjoy some reading time!

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